About Tolerated Cinematics

How It All Started With Gaming

How It All Began...

You would never guess, but it all started with gaming! Ignace Aleya was playing a couple of games and started making video's about it.

To make his video's unique and special Ignace started to add effects in his video's. After a while people asked how he made these effects. That's when he made a video about it, our first tutorial was made!

After making more tutorials and a lot of positive feedback, Ignace decided to make more tutorials on a dedicated YouTube channel, Tolerated Cinematics was born!

Ignace tried to make a video every week and his channel started growing slow but steady.



In July 2015 Ignace Aleya partnered up with Arnaud Melis and started their own company. Arnaud is not the filming genius but knows more about the business part.

They started making company video's and tried to post tutorials twice a week on YouTube. Already a big improvement in engagement, views and subscribers, but nothing substantially.

A year later, september 2016, they decide to do daily tutorials. Something never been done before in the whole YouTube community.

Receiving many positive reactions, seeing the audience, views and engagement growing rapidly, they decide to step up their game. They launched a website and started with providing video projects and intro's for the people that don't find the time to make them.

They build a site, build another one and yet another one to improve the customer experience. Now you know how we ended up being where we are today. We all have to thank this to our amazing and loyal followers who've supported us through these years.

A sincere thank you from Ignace Aleya & Arnaud Melis!